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Nepal Police honours best performing service dogs on "Day of Dog"

Kathmandu: Celebrating the bond between humans and man's best friend, the Nepal Police on Monday honoured its service dogs as the Himalayan Nation marks the "Day of Dog", the second day of the five-day Tihar festival.
Medals were awarded to those who performed best in their field of specialization, solve the crime, gathered evidence, aided in the rescue mission, and help catch the narcotic traders. Nepal Police's Canine division has been organizing this ceremony annually to honour service dogs for their contribution to the force. Amongst dozens of service dogs in the division, one of the dogs is conferred with the title of "Dog of the Year" based on its role in solving the cases.

"Throughout the year, the dog plays a major role in solving the investigation which is of national importance and concern, on the basis of it we honour the dogs who is awarded the 'Best Dog' (title) and the handler also as the Best handler of the year," Dr Deuti Gurung, the Chief of Nepal Police Canine Office told ANI.
The dogs in the training school play a crucial role in the rescue missions and at the time of VVIP visits from foreign nations.
"In crime investigations, our dogs play the role of tracking the criminals, locating the drugs in the border area or at the airport cargo or the place of essence, also clearing and securing the sites for VVIP movements for any possible explosives, airport securities, national level seminar, and conferences. Our dogs also are used at the time of search and rescue," Dr Gurung, the chief of the Nepal Police canine office added.
The service dogs who are included in the police are trained at special schools. Some of them are brought from abroad and some are breaded in Nepal.
Among all the dog breeds, the Canine is known for its trust sentry as well as for being the faithful companion of the human. (ANI)

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