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Nepal holding talks with Russia, Ukraine for compensation and release of prisoners: Nepal PM

Kathmandu: Nepal is holding diplomatic talks with Russia to repatriate those recruited, killed and injured in the Russian Army as well as for the release of those captured by Ukrainian forces, Nepal Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal announced.
Addressing the meeting of the House of Representatives after a recent change in government, the Prime Minister conveyed that a diplomatic attempt with Russia as well as Ukraine is underway.
Nepal PM highlighted that they have heightened their diplomatic efforts to stop the recruitment of Nepal citizens into the Russian Army.
"Recruitment of Nepali citizens in Russian military is illegal, has been conveyed to the Russian government. We have heightened our diplomatic efforts to stop the recruitment of Nepali in the Russian Army and repatriate those already recruited in the (Russian) force. Repatriation of the bodies of those who lost their lives while fighting from the Russian Army's side and compensation for the families, as well as those injured and the release of Nepali being held captive by the Ukrainian Army, dialogues is underway with concerned authorities of respective countries," Dahal said.
Meanwhile, he also informed the parliament that Russia has agreed to pay the compensation as well as the insurance money to the families of those killed in the combat zone while fighting for Russia.
"In recent times, Russia has expressed its willingness to release the compensation and the insurance money to the families of those killed via the Nepali Embassy to the Consular Department," he said.
"Also, I would like to inform the parliament that for the first time at the ministerial level, the Foreign Minister of Nepal and their Russian counterpart are holding discussions. I hope the efforts will result in resolution of the issue," he added.
With the formal start of the war between Ukraine and Russia, the latter tried to evade and capture areas of Ukraine, and hence, started to recruit foreign nationals on its military.
According to the reports, recruits from foreign nations are promised a hefty amount and citizenship after a certain period of time.
The scheme of Russia to recruit foreign nationals got overwhelming admission for which Nepali youth also travelled to various parts of Europe and got into Russia to get recruited. Hundreds of Nepalis are believed to have been recruited into the Russian Army, however, at least a dozen have been killed and scores injured at the time of deployment along the front line of war.
The escalating unlawful engagement of Nepali youths within the Russian Army has led the government to escalate warnings against travel to Russia for military involvement. Travelers to Russia are mandated to obtain a No Objection Letter (NOL) from the Consular Service Department.
Additionally, Nepali nationals residing abroad and planning visits to Russia must secure an NOL from the respective embassies located in their countries. The Foreign Ministry of the Himalayan Nation has also been asking the public not to sign up for recruitment through illegal or informal channels in any of the security forces around the globe.
Nepal only allows its citizens to get recruited in British and Indian Forces under the bilateral agreement signed with these countries.

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