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Nepal: Devotees offer prayers at Maa Janaki Mandir ahead of 'Pran Pratishtha'

Kathmandu: Devotees offered prayers at Maa Janaki Mandir in Nepal's Janakpur ahead of the Pran Pratishtha ceremony at Ram temple in Ayodhya on Sunday.
Meanwhile, devotees from Nepal have also reached Ayodhya to witness the historic Pran Pratishtha Ceremony of Shree Ram Lalla. The ceremony will take place on January 22.
On Shri Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha Ceremony, Manoj Kumar Sah, mayor of Nepal's Janakpurdham, told ANI, "I congratulate the people of India, as well as those in Ayodhya, on this auspicious occasion. As India and Nepal share civilizational ties, and as the time of Pran Pratishtha of Shri Ram Lalla is coming closer, people are very excited in Janakpur of Nepal where Lord Ram's in-laws house is... People are coming for worship..!"
He said, "So, for the Pran Pratishtha which will take place on January 22, all of us here in Janakapurdham will light diyas as a part of Deepotsav to celebrate this special occasion with great fervour."
"I congratulate the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion," the mayor said, as he extended his wishes to New Delhi.
As the Ram temple Pran Pratishtha ceremony draws near, devotees from Nepal reached Ayodhya from Nepal to witness the historic occasion.
On being able to attend the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla in Ayodhya Ram temple tomorrow, the devotees from Nepal, who arrived in Ayodhya on January 19, said that they are very happy to be here.
While speaking to ANI, one of the devotees said, "We are from Nepal. We are six people, and we came here the day before yesterday. We feel so good to be here. It was 30 years ago when I came here; it was very complicated back then. But now that the temple is constructed, we are very happy."
"We are all bestowed with the blessings of Lord Ram. We are extremely happy," he added.
As the countdown for the Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Mandir has begun, along with Ayodhya, the Janakpurdham in Nepal, the maternal home of Goddess Sita is also brimming with happiness and enthusiasm, waiting for the occasion with high fanfare and gaiety, organising a slew of events.
Hymns of Lord Ram and Sita are echoing in the city around the clock.
The Janaki Temple is decked up with lights, and enthusiasm can be seen on the faces of every Janakpurdham residents.
The ceremony scheduled for January 22 will witness the installation of the idol of Ram Lalla at the grand temple. It is expected to be attended by hundreds of officials, including Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
The trust has also invited 4,000 saints of all sects for the ceremony.
While Prime Minister Narendra Modi will preside over the event, thousands of other people including politicians, saints, and celebrities, have been invited to the ceremony.
The ceremonial journey leading up to the Pran Pratishtha commenced on January 16, 2024, Tuesday.
Earlier, on Thursday, January 19, the idol of Shri Ram Lalla, carved by renowned Mysuru sculptor Arun Yogiraj, was placed inside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.
Covered with a veil, the first photo of the idol was revealed during the placement ceremony in the sanctum sanctorum on Thursday.

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