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Kabul residents raise concerns over stoppage in issuance of passports

Kabul: A large number of Kabul residents on Monday raised concerns over the longtime pause in the issuance of passports, saying that they face many challenges due to lack of national documents, Afghan news agency, TOLOnews reported.
According to the Afghan news agency, the distribution of passports was stopped three months ago. "I applied for passport even before the Ramadan, but I have not received it yet. The process of passport distribution has been stopped," a resident of Kabul, Sulaiman said.
The residents said that the distribution of passports should commence as early as possible.
"The distribution of passport should begin, this is the right of every citizen," said Bilal, a resident of Kabul.
Passport applicant Hamidullah claimed that he traveled to Kabul from the northern province of Balkh to submit his application, the process was halted.
According to TOLOnews, some students who want to study abroad have not yet been able to get their passports.
Afghan people have repeatedly called on the Taliban to resume passport services as they are facing severe challenges due to the closing of the passport office, TOLO News reported.
The department of passports in October 2022, said the distribution of passports will be halted for an unknown period of time due to technical issues. (ANI)

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