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Israel: Shortage of bulletproof jackets as 3 lakh reserve troops mobilised amid war on Hamas

Tel Aviv: As the Israel-Hamas conflict enters a decisive phase with a probable ground offensive on Gaza expected soon, the country is facing a shortage of bulletproof jackets and protective gear due to the sudden spike in demand.
An Israeli company that makes bulletproof jackets told ANI about the current situation, stating that the bulletproof manufacturing companies are unable to meet the current demand.
Speaking to ANI, Yoav Dotan, said, "Right now the country is in full mobilisation. The whole country is mobilised towards the war efforts. Men and women have been drafted into the Army under emergency degree. They don't have enough equipment, but slowly the equipment is getting to all the units".
"Not only the army reserve need equipment which is part of it is bulletproof fest or helmets, but also the civilian infrastructure that protects the towns. So the demand is very, very high. There are many manufacturers...but the demand is just too high right now," he added.
He further said that Israel is preparing for a "very long road ahead" terming it a war for "existence".
"Right now, the country is preparing for a very long road ahead...this is definitely a war for existence, for our right to have our own Jewish homeland...since 1948, this is the most important time for the people of Israel," he said.
In Israel almost every civilian keeps a bulletproof jacket with him for his entire family because the country is always surrounded by its 'enemies' due to its geographical position.
Dotan also said that the country is receiving help from various sections and also thanked India for supporting Israel during this time.
"We are receiving donations, and a lot is coming from different parts of the world. Foods, socks for soldiers, having people at home for keeping them safe...everybody is doing something, everybody wants to do something," Dotan said.
He added, "Supplies are coming from all our friends from around the world, especially India...I would like to thank our Indian friends for reaching out, not just before the war, but for the good relations that we have between the two countries for a very very long time. We will remember who stood with us during the time of need".
Meanwhile, the Israel Army has called 3,00,000 reserve army to fight this war and each one of them was provided with all the security protective cover that a soldier receives.
Earlier, IDF spokesperson, Marcus Sheff told ANI that the IDF has mobilised reserves, calling up over 3,00,000 personnel to strengthen its readiness and ability to protect the Israeli population.
Notably, the reserve forces are those personnel who are not kept under arms and are called up during emergency situations, when the Army is in need of extra manpower.

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