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IDF resumes combat, accuses Hamas of violating truce agreement

Tel Aviv: Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have accused Hamas of violating the operational pause by not providing the list of hostages to be released today by 7 am (local time) and also firing toward Israeli territory.
It further said that Hamas has fired towards the Israeli territory, and in response, IDF has also resumed its combat against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.
"Hamas violated the operational pause, and in addition, fired toward Israeli territory. The IDF has resumed combat against the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza," IDF posted on X.
This comes as the agreed truce between Israel and Hamas is set to expire after seven days as 7 am (local time) was the scheduled time for the truce to expire, according to CNN.
Earlier in the day, IDF confirmed that one rocket was fired toward Israeli communities near Gaza which was shot down, Times of Israel reported.
There are no reports of injuries or damage from the attack, which breaks nearly a week of relative calm.
Earlier on Thursday, Hamas released six more Israeli hostages to Egypt via the Rafah crossing after one-day extension in truce.
The six hostages were identified as Bilal and Aisha Ziyadne, Ilana Gritzewsky, Nili Margalit, Shani Goren and Sapir Cohen, following the release of Amit Soussana and Mia Schem earlier today, reported The Times of Israel.
US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the avoidance of civilian casualties.
He said that the immediate focus is working with its partners to extend the pause, to continue to get more hostages released out of Gaza.
Noting that he has come to Israel once again, to advance several goals, Blinken said, "Our immediate focus is working with our partners to extend the pause so that we can continue to get more hostages out of Gaza and more assistance in."
"We will not stop working until we get every hostage back home with their families and loved ones," he stressed.

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