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Hunter Biden faces 9 criminal charges in federal tax case, claims political bias in unprecedented move

Washington, DC: Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, is grappling with a second criminal case as special counsel David Weiss unveils a nine-count indictment, marking the latest development in a protracted Justice Department investigation into his taxes, CNN reported.
The charges, which include failure to file and pay taxes, evasion of assessment, and false or fraudulent tax returns, allege that Biden engaged in a four-year scheme to avoid paying at least USD 1.4 million in taxes from 2016 to 2019.
Weiss accuses Biden of resorting to false business deductions to reduce his tax liabilities and subverting the payroll and tax withholding processes of his own company. The indictment paints a vivid picture of lavish spending on an extravagant lifestyle, alleging that between 2016 and October 15, 2020, Biden diverted funds meant for taxes toward expenses such as drugs, escorts, luxury hotels, exotic cars, and personal items, as reported by CNN.
Biden's attorney, Abbe Lowell, challenges the charges, asserting that if Hunter's last name were not Biden, the case would not have been pursued. Lowell criticises U.S. Attorney Weiss for succumbing to Republican pressure and highlights the absence of new evidence after five years of investigation.
The legal saga takes a political turn as Weiss, previously appointed by the Trump administration, faces accusations of political bias. Lowell claims that Weiss reneged on a non-prosecution resolution and, in a surprise move, piled on nine new charges after previously agreeing to resolve the matter with misdemeanours.
The tax case's origins trace back to Hunter Biden's overseas business dealings, including his involvement with Ukrainian energy company Burisma and a Chinese private equity fund, central to House s' past impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden. The indictment underlines Biden's extravagant spending and references his 2021 memoir, "Beautiful Things," shedding light on personal struggles with addiction, according to CNN.
Despite a plea deal collapsing in July, and Hunter Biden eventually paying his 2021 taxes in full, the case resurfaced in September when Weiss indicted him on charges related to a 2018 gun purchase.
The tumultuous legal proceedings coincide with President Biden's reelection campaign and the ongoing Republican impeachment bid. The investigation's twists and turns have fuelled accusations of political interference, with IRS whistleblowers alleging misconduct and career agents recommending felony tax charges against Hunter Biden.
As the legal battle unfolds, the focus remains on Hunter Biden's overseas financial dealings, the complex interplay of politics, and the unanswered question of whether Joe Biden was involved in alleged "corrupt" business deals with his son. Federal prosecutors, to date, have not presented evidence supporting GOP claims of Joe Biden's involvement or abuse of power for personal gain, CNN reported.

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