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Georgia: Four shot dead, hunt for gunman underway

Tbilisi: At least four persons were killed in a shooting in Georgia on Saturday morning, a local officer said adding that the hunt for the gunman is underway, The New York Times reported.
The shooting took place around 10:45 am in the residential neighborhood of Hampton, Ga., a city roughly 35 miles south of Atlanta, James Turner, the Hampton police chief, said at a news conference. The chief stated that three men and one woman were killed but did not reveal their identity.
The chief added that the said relatives were still being notified.
The law enforcement agencies said they suspect Andre Longmore to be the gunman. Four arrest warrants were issued for Longmore, 40, a Hampton resident, the authorities said.
A motive for the shootings was not yet known, and it was unclear if Longmore knew the victims, officials said.
Law enforcement agencies across the Atlanta metropolitan area were searching for Longmore, who was last seen driving a black GMC Acadia SUV. The chief said the vehicle did not belong to  Longmore, as per The New York Times.
Addressing Longmore, the Henry County sheriff, Reginald B. Scandrett, said at the news conference, “We will hunt you down in any hole that you may be residing in and bring you into custody.”
The sheriff’s office is offering a USD 10,000 reward for information leading to Longmore’s arrest and prosecution, the report said.
“The city of Hampton has had a tragedy,” the mayor of Hampton, Ann Tarpley, said. “We ask that you lift up the families and victims in your prayers and your thoughts and you give them the privacy they need,” according to The New York Times. (ANI)

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