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Explosions rock pro-Iran military base in Iraq, three injured

Baghdad: At least three people were injured following five explosions at a pro-Iran military base in Iraq on Saturday, CNN reported, citing a security official.
However, the reason behind the explosions is not known as yet.
The blasts, notably, took place at a site belonging to the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), as per Muhannad al-Anazi, a member of the Security Committee in Babylon Governorate, south of Baghdad.
The investigation into the blasts that occurred "at the Kalsu military base in the Al-Mashrou district on the highway, north of the Babylon Governorate," is underway.
Israeli and US officials said neither was involved in the blast, a day after a military strike on Iran which has been attributed to Israel.
Known alternatively as the Popular Mobilization Forces, the PMU is an Iraqi paramilitary group that is mostly supported by Shiite Iran. The PMU, in contrast to other Iran-backed organizations in the area, is affiliated with the local administration and has strong ties to Shiite blocs in Iran that have dominated Iraqi politics for a long time, according to CNN.
The explosion occurred during a period of intense tension in the Middle East as Israel fights Hamas in Gaza following the terrorist organization's deadly assault into southern Israel on October 7, which was sponsored by Iran.
This month's tit-for-tat strikes have also exposed Israel and Iran's long-running covert conflict.
Israel launched a potentially deadly military strike on Iran early on Friday, a US official told CNN. Although no significant damage was recorded, Iran and Israel have not stated where the strike originated.
Iran's air defence systems were activated in several locations after multiple explosions were heard close to the airport and an army base in the Iranian city of Isfahan, state media reported early Friday morning.
The missile launches come after Iran launched an offensive on targets around Israel on Saturday last week, according to Israeli military authorities, in which the nation fired a barrage of over 300 unmanned drones and missiles.

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