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Drunk Pakistani Major crushes 6 innocent children in PoK

Muzaffarabad: A drunk Pakistan army Major crushed six children with his car on the day of Eid in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir's Gilgit Baltistan, resulting in the death of three, while three others were hospitalized, reported Pak vernacular media.
The army immediately arrived at the scene to protect their major, threatening and silencing the victims' relatives, reported The Khorasan Diary. Rescue 1122 in charge of Ghanche district Ashiq Hussain told Dawn that six children were celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr dressed in new clothes on the road in Barah Bala village when a Skardu-bound Toyota Land Cruiser crushed them.
Locals said the children had gone to a nearby shop during which they were run over by the out-of-control vehicle, reported Dawn.
Meanwhile, deceased children were quietly buried and the Pakistan army arrived to protect their major, not the innocent victims.
If the army is supporting an intoxicated major, why can't we support our nation's innocent children? It's important to note that this tragic incident occurred in Gilgit Baltistan, not in Kashmir, countered The Khorasan Diary.
"The speeding vehicle of a Pakistan Army major ran over 6 children in the Ghanche district of Gilgit-Baltistan. Three children died on the spot and 3 were injured. After the accident, the local people besieged the Major and tried to make a video, but the soldiers on the spot took away their phones from the people," said one of the residents Usman Tariq Chughtai.
After this incident on Saturday, the local people were enraged and they shouted slogans against the Pakistani army.
Meanwhile, a video of the Pakistani army has also gone viral on social media, which is threatening the local people in the form of convincing them. He stopped making videos. At the same time, the local administration has now started suppressing this incident, reported Pak vernacular media.
"Shocked and saddened to hear about the tragic incident in the Ghanche district of GB on Eid day. It's appalling to learn that the Pakistan Army arrived to protect their major, not the innocent victims. My heart goes out to the families of children who lost their lives," said Waheeda Kashmiri. (ANI)

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