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Death toll from Japan earthquakes rises to 48

Tokyo: The toll from the series of earthquakes that jolted Japan on New Year's Day rose to 48 on Tuesday, with several more injured, NHK World reported.
The injuries have been reported in the prefectures of Ishikawa, Niigata, Fukui, Toyama, and Gifu, NHK World stated.
A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.5 rattled Japan on the evening of New Year's Day in central Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture, catching many people off guard.
According to fire department officials, 25 buildings, including houses, have collapsed in Wajima City, NHK World reported, adding that firefighters have also been pressed into the ongoing rescue operations across locations.
Meanwhile, the fire department informed that the blaze that broke out on Monday in Kawai Town in the centre of the city is no longer at risk of spreading, but firefighters were still on the job, trying to put out the flames.
A total of about 200 buildings, including shops and houses, are believed to have been burned around Asaichi Street, a popular tourist spot.
The United States Geological Survey reported that the earthquake occurred on the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa prefecture around 4.10 pm (local time), at a depth of 10 kilometres (6 miles).
The officials warned that strong aftershocks may occur in the next week, especially over the next two to three days, according to NHK World.
Additionally, the quake has affected other prefectures as well. The authorities and hospitals highlighted that dozens of people have been injured in four other prefectures, including Niigata and Toyoma.
The Met agency stated that there have been over 100 jolts in the region since the initial quake.
The Hokuriku Electric Power Company said it has shut down two generators at its Nanao Ota thermal power plant in Ishikawa Prefecture.
According to the officials, over 44,000 households in the prefecture are without power.

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