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Death toll from 7.5-magnitude earthquake in Japan rises to 57

Tokyo [Japan]: The death toll in Japan has now risen to 57 following a 7.5-magnitude earthquake that rattled the nation on Monday, NHK World reported, citing officials from Ishikawa prefecture.

On Monday afternoon, the earthquake jolted the Noto Peninsula in the central prefecture of Ishikawa, causing buildings to collapse and tsunami warnings to be sent as far away as eastern Russia.

The northern area of the remote Noto Peninsula has had restricted access for more than 24 hours after the earthquake, although the

Meteorological Agency of Japan cancelled all tsunami advisories along portions of the country's western coast on Tuesday.
Following a disaster emergency meeting on Tuesday, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida informed the media that the location was no longer accessible due to a wrecked road.

He stated that after flying over the peninsula, which is renowned for its agricultural and maritime beauties, officials in helicopters saw big fires, landslides, and damaged roads.

"To secure the route there, we are to mobilize all the means of transport, not only on the ground but also by aerial and marine transport. We have been making an effort to transfer goods, supplies and personnel there since last night," Kishida said, according to CNN.

According to fire department officials, 25 buildings, including houses, have collapsed in Wajima City, NHK World reported, adding that firefighters have also been pressed into the ongoing rescue operations across locations.

Meanwhile, the fire department informed that the blaze that broke out on Monday in Kawai Town in the centre of the city is no longer at risk of spreading, but firefighters were still on the job, trying to put out the flames.

A total of about 200 buildings, including shops and houses, are believed to have been burned around Asaichi Street, a popular tourist spot.

The United States Geological Survey reported that the earthquake occurred on the Noto Peninsula of Ishikawa prefecture around 4.10 pm (local time), at a depth of 10 kilometres (6 miles).

The officials warned that strong aftershocks may occur in the next week, especially over the next two to three days. (ANI)

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