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Canadian Deputy PM stumbles over question on Canada Parliament tribute to Khalistani separatist Nijjar

Vancouver: Deputy Prime Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland stumbed over a question posed to her on why Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, who was on the no-fly list and had his bank accounts frozen before his death, is now being honoured with a tribute in the Canadian Parliament.
In a video that has now gone viral on social media, a journalist asked Freeland on the paradox of honouring Nijjar despite past government actions against him.
The journalist questioned the reason behind this sudden change.
Freeland responded, emphasising the recent solemn anniversary and condemning the murder of a Canadian on Canadian soil. She praised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's stance post-assassination, calling it necessary but challenging.
"I do want to start by saying that this week was a very sad and solemn anniversary of the murder. I was in the House of Commons, and I guess all three of us were (referring to the two men sitting beside her). It was important to have a moment of silence to recognise this was the murder of a Canadian in Canada on Canadian soil, and that is entirely unacceptable. Second of all, I do want to say I was very proud of the prime minister and of the strong position he took after the murder."
She further stated, "It was the right thing to do, but it wasn't an easy thing to do."
Freeland reiterated Trudeau's commitment to equality under Canadian law and protection against threats, regardless of consequences. However, she evaded direct answers on why Nijjar was on the no-fly list, why his accounts were frozen, or the rationale behind Parliament's tribute to him.
"The government of Canada will enforce our laws and protect all Canadians regardless of who is threatening them and what the consequences might be. Doing that was a big thing for the prime minister, and I think all of us should feel safer and more secure knowing that he will stand for Canadians and against the killers of Canadians no matter what", she said.
However, Chrystia Freeland avoided answering the question of why there was sudden support for Nijjar after his death when the same government had put restrictions on him when he was alive.
The minister even did not comment on why Nijjar was on the no-fly list, why his bank accounts were frozen, or why such a person was paid tribute in Parliament.
Hardeep Singh Nijjar, born in the Jalandhar district of India's Punjab, migrated to Canada in 1997 and worked as a plumber in British Columbia. Desingated as a Khalistani terrorist by India's National Investigation Agency (NIA) Nijjar was fatally shot outside a Surrey Gurudwara on June 18 last year by unidentified assailants.

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