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Kabul: Marwa was just a few months away from becoming the first woman in her Afghan family to go to university — instead, she will watch achingly as her brother goes without her.

Women are now banned from attending university in Talibancontrolled Afghanistan, where they have been steadily stripped of their freedoms over the past year.

“Had they ordered women to be beheaded, even that would have been better than this ban,” Marwa told media at her family home in Kabul on Sunday. If we are to be so unlucky, I wish that we had not been born at all. I am sorry for my existence in the world.

The ban by the hardline Islamist government, which seized power in August last year, has sparked global outrage, including from Muslim nations who deemed it against Islam.

Neda Mohammad Nadeem, Taliban’s minister for higher education, claimed women students had ignored a strict dress code and a requirement they be accompanied by a male relative to campus. They are also barred from travelling without a male relative and must cover up in public. Women are prohibited from going to parks, etc.

We are being treated worse than animals. Animals can go anywhere on their own, but we girls don’t have the right even to step out of our homes. —Marwa

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