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Bangladesh authorities seize 2700 cartons of foreign liquor smuggled from China

Dhaka: Bangladesh law enforcement agencies have seized a large consignment of foreign liquor, containing over 2700 cartons of liquor that was smuggled from China.
The consignment was seized on the Chittagong-Dhaka highway in a special operation by Bangladesh (BD) authorities on July 22, Bangladesh Live News reported. This is the latest case of Chinese smuggling which was done by exploiting the vulnerabilities of the Bangladesh import regulations.
The Bangladeshi publication said documents for the consignment had been forged. Fake insurance papers were produced before the customs authority to get hold of 2760 cartons of liquor.
According to Bangladesh Live, the importers had made a false declaration of importing 'yarn of polyster'.
"The huge quantity of liquor arrived in five containers. Had the consignment managed to pass, the revenue loss for the Bangladesh government would have been around 60 to 70 crore Taka," the report added.
This latest incident is not an isolated case but adds to the long line of malpractices by Chinese firms indulging in tax evasion in Bangladesh.
Back in May, prohibited items were seized which included 19 tonnes of Sodium Cyclamate (SC), tucked away under the label of Soda Ash Light. The shipment which arrived in Chittagong had originated from CNTAO Qingdao Port.
A major Chinese company, engaged in food additives and pharmaceutical materials, had reportedly declared to send a batch of Soda Ash Light to one of its Dhaka-based associates but the consignment turned out to be a condensed sugar that is 30-50 times sweeter than the ordinary one.
Prior to this, in January 2022, a Chinese company Digi Anti Fake Company had reportedly supplied counterfeit bandrolls resulting in fraudulent tax evasion of BD Taka 250 crore for Bangladesh. (ANI)

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