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Bangladesh: Agitating college students lift off rail blockade

Dhaka: The agitating students of Rajshahi University on Monday lifted the rail blockage that had prevented the district's rail connections with other areas in Bangladesh, Dhaka Tribune reported.
On Sunday night, the Rajshahi-Dhaka rail line was cut off by the protesting students, and at least six passenger trains were stuck. Following the altercation with the villagers on Saturday, they also set fire to the railroad near Charukola Point, which is close to Rajshahi University Train Station, at around 8 o'clock.
Almost 200 individuals were hurt in a fight between Rajshahi University students and villagers, including campus journalists.
On Saturday, a fight broke out close to the university's Binodpur gate. The argument is said to have been about bus seats.
While covering the incident, at least 10 university journalists reportedly suffered injuries, according to Dhaka Tribune.
Several local businesses were set on fire by the students during the altercation, and the police station next to the university's Binodpur entrance was also damaged.
Following the event, the students demonstrated by hanging the lock in the administrative building on Sunday morning.
The students were then urged to sit down for a talk by the university administration, but they chose not to.
In the Motihar police station on Sunday afternoon, 400-500 unidentified people were named in a complaint submitted by Rajshahi University Registrar Prof M Abdus Salam.
In addition, police detained a man following the altercation between RU students and neighbours on Sunday.
A report published in Dhaka Tribune read, eight students of Rajshahi University have embarked on a fast-until-death to further emphasise their seven-point demand, which includes the abolition of the proctor.
There is still conflict between the students in the university area. They expressed dissatisfaction with the administration's carelessness.
A three-person committee has been established by the administration of Rajshahi University to look into the incident involving conflicts between students and villagers.
The committee was established by the university administration and is chaired by Pro Vice-Chancellor Prof M Humayun Kabir.
Tarikul Hasan, a former proctor and professor in the chemistry department, and Arifur Rahman, an assistant proctor are the two other members of the committee.
But, eight RU students have embarked on a fast-until-death to force home their seven-point demand, which includes the removal of the proctor. (ANI)

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