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“Ask Modi to get us freed from Pakistan”: PoK residents appeal for India's help

Muzaffarabad: Massive anti-Pakistan protests are raging across Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. People across cities, towns and villages of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have taken to the streets against the skyrocketing inflation, shortage of food and imposition of excessive taxes.
A Kashmiri activist, Shabir Choudhry voicing the concerns of the general public blamed Pakistan for the massive protests that have swept through the region.
In the latest video he posted on social media, Choudhry disclosed that the people in PoK are grappling with high inflation, load shedding, food insecurity, and unreasonable tax imposition among several other concerns.
He also admitted that the people in PoK are seeking help from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to free them from the illegal occupation of Pakistan.
He said, “Pakistan is perturbed over this but the most astonishing thing I got to hear, the people residing near the Line of Control (LoC) in PoK raised slogans, ‘Ask Modi (Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi) to get us freedom from Pakistan’s illegal occupation!’ and save our souls, we are dying of hunger, please come here and help us out’".
He lambasted Pakistan for systematically exploiting their resources, corruption and wrong policies of the establishment.
He said that people in PoK are forced to pay high electricity bills despite the region producing maximum electricity.
The cost of electricity in cash-strapped Pakistan has doubled in the last three months resulting in widespread anger and protests. In PoK, the people are even suffering due to heavy taxes on wheat flour and other necessities.
The residents in PoK are saturated with the miseries they have faced for the last several decades under Pakistan’s misrule.
They called for help from India which stands as their beacon of hope in their quest for freedom.
Kashmiris say that the government of Pakistan has consistently treated the residents of PoK and Gilgit Baltistan as second-class citizens, in stark contrast to the favoured province of Punjab.
PoK was illegally occupied by Pakistan in 1947. Since then the people have long sought international intervention to regain their freedom, yet success has proven elusive.

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