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Fiji asks Chinese personnel to stop working with Fijian police force

Suva: There is no need for Chinese state security personnel to continue working with the Fiji Police Force as the systems are different, The Fiji Times reported citing Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka.
Referring to the memorandum of understanding that Fiji and China signed in 2011, Fiji's PM said, "There's no need for us to continue, our systems are different." For the first time ever, any country's leader so publicly revokes an existing Chinese security agreement, according to The Fiji Times.
The MoU, linked in 2011, resulted in Fijian police officers undergoing training in China and Chinese officers being deployed to Fiji on attachment programs for three to six months.
In September 2021, police cooperation efforts between the two countries reached new heights following the appointment of a Chinese Police Liaison officer to be based in Fiji.
"Our system of democracy and justice systems are different so we will go back to those that have similar systems with us."
He said officers from other countries like Australia and New Zealand could stay because their systems were similar to Fiji, reported The Fiji Times. (ANI)

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