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"Broad daylight murder... lives in danger": Activist describes 'very serious' situation in PoJK amid protests

Glasgow: A prominent PoJK activist based in Scotland, Amjad Ayub Mirza, has sounded the alarm over the deteriorating situation in Muzaffarabad, the capital of Pakistani-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK), while warning of "broad daylight murder" and declaring that lives are in peril amidst escalating protests.
"This is the broad daylight murder that is taking place in PoK. Our lives are in danger," Mirza asserted, offering a glimpse into the chaos gripping the region.
The unrest stems from a wheel-jam strike initiated by the Awami Action Committee, demanding tax-free electricity from the Mangla Dam and subsidies on wheat flour.
The strike, now in its fourth consecutive day, has become a focal point for simmering discontent among PoJK residents.
Mirza's testimony sheds light on the gravity of the situation, revealing clashes between protestors and authorities across Muzaffarabad, Dadyal, Mirpur, and other areas of PoJK.
Overnight police raids led to the arrest of numerous leaders and activists, further stoking the flames of dissent.
"Suddenly the protesters hit back and the Rangers retreated," Mirza said, describing the volatile turn of events, adding, "It seemed as if the Rangers had disappeared from the scene, but then they came with a heavy contingency of rangers."
As tensions reached a boiling point, Mirza revealed the deployment of army commandos via helicopters into Muzaffarabad. Each helicopter, he notes, carries about 20 to 25 commandos, raising concerns about the potential for further violence and loss of life.
"We are in a desperate situation," Mirza lamented, highlighting the blackout of internet services in the region, which has compounded the sense of isolation and uncertainty among residents.
In a plea for international intervention, Mirza urged the Indian government to raise the issue at the United Nations and demand answers from the Pakistani ambassador.

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