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9 Palestinians killed by Israeli troops in Jenin clash, several injured

Ramallah: Nine Palestinians, including an elderly woman, were killed by Israeli forces on Thursday during clashes in the refugee camp of Jenin, CNN reported, referring to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.
The raid that took place in the West Bank city took the overall toll of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces to 29 this year. Israeli military claimed there had been no injuries on their side, but they added that they were looking into "reports regarding more casualties during the exchange of fire."
According to the Palestinian Red Crescent (PRC), Israeli forces first made it impossible for medical personnel to get to the Jenin camp, where four injured people were in serious condition.
It went on to say that Israeli forces also shot tear gas canisters at the Jenin Government Hospital, resulting in children suffering from inhalation injuries, according to CNN.
However, the Israeli force refuted claims of innocent Palestinians being killed in the raid and added that they were operating in Jenin Thursday to catch a "terror squad belonging to the Islamic Jihad terror organization," saying in a statement that it killed three "terrorists," the American broadcaster CNN reported.
As bloodshed continues to remain a part of Palestine, the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh called on the United Nations and international human rights organizations to "intervene urgently to provide protection to the children, youth and women." (ANI)

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