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22 students fall unconscious after inhaling generator's fumes in Karachi school

Karachi [Pakistan]: 22 students fell unconscious after inhaling fumes emitted by a generator at a school in Karachi, reported ARY News on Tuesday, with police confirming the incident.

The school, situated in Hijjrat Colony Sector-2, was using a generator to power the building due to ongoing loadshedding in the area.

Initial investigations suggest that 22 children lost consciousness as fumes filled the classrooms. Upon receiving the distressing news, authorities swiftly responded, with police and Edhi ambulances promptly arriving at the scene, as reported by ARY News.

Efforts were made to rescue the affected students from the school premises, with immediate first aid administered in an attempt to revive them.

In a separate incident, eight children also fainted in a private school building located in Lyari due to a gas leak.

The children were swiftly transported to the Civil Hospital for necessary medical attention. Rescue sources confirmed that the gas leak within the building caused the unconsciousness of the eight students.

These incidents underscore the importance of stringent safety measures in educational institutions, particularly regarding the handling of power sources and gas systems, to prevent such alarming occurrences in the future, ARY News reported. 

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