Thursday, April, 15,2021

Wheat straws to protect earth

We all are accustomed to drinking cold drinks and other refreshment drinks with the help of straws made from plastic but never would have anyone thought that these plastics straws will be replaced by wheat straws.

This change has become a reality in the recent times due to the stringent ban in use of plastics in majority of the states of India. 

Retired Major General George who is a resident of Bangalore during his trip of Lucknow along with Deputy Agriculture Director AK Sagar met Ram Saran Verma and other wheat farmers.

The reason for this visit turned out to be wheat grown and harvested manually by the farmers of the state. Ram Saran Verma has been extensively growing wheat in close to 245 acres of land.

The retired Major General said that due to the ban on plastics, straws made from wheat are in high demand in Southern parts of India and companies are looking far and near for farmers who could produce good quality of manually harvested wheat.

Wheat is harvested by combine harvesters in the states of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi but in UP 70% of the farmers harvest wheat manually.

In such a scenario the straws made by this manually harvested wheat are in high demand in cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore as well as other metropolitan cities in South India.

Many companies who make these wheat straws are reaching out to farmers in the state who harvest wheat manually as Wheatgrass is safe only when wheat is harvested manually.—Amit Baliyan

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