Monday, June, 21,2021

Recruitment & transfers delayed amid rise in Covid-19 cases

The state might soon see a lot of transfers, recruitment and promotions of various officers of different cadre

Lucknow: With the Code of Conduct which was in effect due to the Panchayat elections expiring, it is being predicted that an early decision will be reached on the annual transfer policy, along with the pending promotions and filling up of the vacant posts. 

The State Public Service Commission has long before the elections were due had received the recommendation for the promotion of Tehsildars to the post of Deputy Collector but it was postponed due to the Election Code of Conduct which was in place. 

The process of promotion from PCS to IAS cadre has also been in the pipeline for quite some time as the State Public Service Commission is yet to send a proposal to the Union Public Service Commission. 

The State Public Service Commission in addition to these works must also decide on the transfer policy for the year 2021-22 and since the government had postponed the transfer for the year 2020-21 citing exceptional circumstances arising out of the Covid epidemic, the commission has a lot of pending works in its hand.

Since the second wave is proving to be more fatal, the commission will soon have to come to a decision on whether to implement transfer policy for the year 2021-22or postpone it again.

  • State Public Service Commission
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