Thursday, April, 15,2021

P’yat polls play spoilsport in Tehsildars’ promotion

Lucknow: Seventy one Tehsildars, who were set to become Deputy Collectors, will have to wait for some more time as the Department Promotion Committee has not yet sent the recommendation for the promotion of Tehsildars to SDM to the Appointment Department of the state.

In view of the Model Code of Conduct in place for upcoming Panchayat election,  the Appointment Department has put the promotions on hold.

According to the department sources, 71 promotions have been approved out of 76 posts and the remaining 5 posts will be filled up by promotee Tehsildars once the departmental inquiry and disciplinary actions against them are over.

 As along with the issuing of the promotion order to the officers, a posting mandate is also to be issued for the post of Deputy Collector but since the Uttar Pradesh government has already issued the notification for the Panchayat elections and in such a situation from the issuing of promotion order till deployment, all the actions have to be taken with the permission of the State Election Commission

The Commission in this case will decide whether such promotions during the Panchayat election is needed or not and if needed then only permitssion for the order from the Commission will be given.

The whole process related to promotion maybe completed soon but obtaining the permission of State Election Commission during the Panchayat election in which Tehsildars play an important role, is the tough job. 

Senior cops shifted

Rohit Mishra, ASP Security Mathura district  is posted as ASP West Pratapgarh and Anand Kumar 2, Deputy Commandent 24 Battalion PSE Moradabad has been made ASP Secuirty Mathura 

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