Saturday, May, 08,2021

Maths grad from UP teaches slum children under Delhi flyover

Lucknow: With schools shut down owing to the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in India, the online mode of learning seems to be the only viable option left for students. But we often tend to forget that no classroom is required to educate people. 

Consider Satyendra Pal’s story - a mathematics graduate from Uttar Pradesh, who teaches slum children under a flyover in East Delhi without any access to the internet.

Pal’s story has gone viral on social media and people are praising him for his contribution to children, especially at this point of time. 

On Tuesday, Indian Forest Service officer Susanta Nanda shared a picture of Pal teaching several children under a partially built flyover in east Delhi. 

Two whiteboards were placed against the wall as the children studied with utmost dedication. Susanta Nanda quoted poet Dushyant Kumar to appreciate the noble deed of the teacher in the caption of his post. “Ho kahin bhi aag, lekin aag jalni chahiye,” he captioned the post, which roughly translates to, “It doesn’t matter where it burns, but keep this fire burning.”

Satyendra Pal, who hails from a village in UP, began taking “open-air” classes in 2015. “I stopped the classes in March because it was too dangerous, but parents requested me to teach again,” he said.

“I want to earn money, but if I focus on myself I will earn alone. If I help these kids, they will all earn with me,” Pal added. Meanwhile, the post garnered thousands of likes since it was shared online. People appreciated Pal’s hard work.

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