Monday, June, 21,2021

Cowin or COWin?

This is not a cow and bull story. Now, we all know that the domesticated bovine is a much-revered quadruple and their well-being is high on government priority list.

But thanks to an over-concerned and over-worked PR pen-pusher of the ‘Sarkar’ the Uttar Pradesh government found itself in a rather co(w)mic situation.

An official communique on Wednesday from the State government said it had issued instructions to set up help desks in every districts for the welfare of cows, taking forward its cow protection agenda.

Wow! With the State in the grip of an unprecedented Covid surge, the hand-out emphasised that oximeters and thermal scanners were also being provided for cows housed in government ‘gaushalas’ (cow-shelters)!  

Now, the ever so cynical members of the fourth-state saw no reason to disbelieve or suspect the solemn intention of the government and carried the news-worthy item with aplomb.

It was only when the social-media, specially, Twitterati went into splits on the unintentional faux pas that the slip caught the official attention.

No, the oximeters and thermal scanners were not for the holy cows but for the staff tending the cow-shelters, clarified a hasty rebuttal from the UP government. Moo to you morons for mis-reading the missive. 

  • Uttar Pradesh government
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