Biotech Park to ramp up production of Black Fungus drug

Lucknow: Fungisome Amphotericin B is considered to be very effective in dealing with black fungus. 

While other fungicide drugs have several side effects on kidneys, this drug is relatively safe. Few people would know that effective injection and drug manufacturing in dealing with black fungus is done by Life Care Innovation, a company established in Biotech Park in Kursi Road area. 

The company’s MD Dr JN Verma says that antifungal medicine is being manufactured continuously from 2013-14. The difference is that earlier its demand was very limited but with the onset of Covid epidemic, cases of fungus started coming up.

The company had doubled production in May last year, anticipating the threat of this major threat. 

Not only this, it has been decided to set up new plants in view of the prevailing circumstances. Soon the new manufacturing plant will be started, which will speed up the production of fungal infection medicine.

Dr Verma said along with his company in country, about five to six companies manufacture anti-fungal drugs. In view of the epidemic, almost the same number of new companies have been given more licenses by the government.

Apart from this, imports have also been approved. He hopes that the availability of the drug in the country will not be difficult in the coming time.

It is reported that in general there are very few fungal infections. In particular, the cases of mucormycosis, called black fungus, were few. 
This is the reason that their medicines were also produced according to demand. He said, the company makes liposomal amphotericin B with special technology, due to which it is very effective even in low doses. 

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