Tuesday, March, 28,2023

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First virtual school after Lord Ram launched

Varanasi: The first virtual school in the name of Lord Ram was launched in Varanasi with the objective to teach people the life ideals of Lord Ram.

These life ideals of Lord Ram will be propagated in the form of posters, videos and short films.

Rajnish Kumar Shukla , V-C Mahatma Gandhi International Hindi University, Wardha, in his address said Lord Ram is the ideal person in context of the Indian Society.

People teaching the life ideals of Lord Ram to general public will get the blessings of Lord Ram.

Shukla said that Lord Ram is the pride of India and that he presence is eternal in the cultural stream of India.

He added that followers of religions of the world should consider Lord Ram as an ideal ancestor of them and he went to say that people of Muslim dominated country like Indonesia who follow Islam should listen to “Shri Ram Katha”.

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