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Himachal Pradesh: Tourists rush to Narkanda to experience snowfall

Shimla: The tourists are rushing to the hill resort Narkanda in Shimla as the town is experiencing snowfall.
The tourists are thrilled to see the snow-covered mountains in Narkanda which is nearly 65 kms from the state capital Shimla. These tourists here are mesmerised by the scenic beauty and snow in the region. Meanwhile, traffic was restricted after heavy snowfall in the area near Atal Tunnel in Lahaul Spiti. Snow was cleared from the road thereafter.
"Being here it's an amazing feeling I can't tell you, I can't explain it in words. I have never experienced such a feeling, and the kind of vibes I am having is amazing, I am a sucker for mountains but this kind of atmosphere and experience is fabulous," said a tourist Simran Khatri from Delhi.
"I am staying here, reason for staying here in Narkanda was only we wanted to experience the heavy snowfall but we missed it, the views are beautiful from the hotel. But what we are experiencing here is amazing and it was looking like heaven. Narkanda is a place where people want to be in mountains," she added.

"Till now we can see the snow accumulated here, my wife and I are enjoying it, it is great, I think it is the best place to be here, we been to Shimla, I think Narkanda is great, it is very good. You should come and experience it once," said a tourist Saurabh from West Bengal.
"We been to Kasauli for two days, the villages were amazing, the nature walk and all was amazing. Coming here we are feeling like we have come to heaven because the snow is good here, we have done the tube ride, we are looking forward to skiing and the People are very helpful, food is also good," said another tourist from Kolkata, Tuli.
"It is different from West Bengal, but the scenic view, pine trees and snow is wonderful it is a good experience," she added.
The people involved in the travel and tourism business are happy and are getting good business here.
"The snowfall in Kufri and Shimla was very less this year the tourists are rushing to Narkanda and also to the Tribal circuit, we have 100 per cent occupancy here in a tourism hotel. This Narkanda town is the best centre for skiing, we HPTDC are also planning to have skiing courses here maybe in days to come or next year. This inflow of tourists here is benefiting the locals and people involved in the taxi, Dhaba and other businesses are getting good revenue," said the manager Dhanveer Singh of HPTDC hotel at Narkanda. (ANI)

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