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What BJP-RSS doing to end untouchability in country: Gehlot

Baran: CM Ashok Gehlot reached Baran on Friday, he said that it is a big task to organise all religion free marriage conference for 20 years. “This is the challenge, which Minister Pramod Bhaya is continuously fulfilling. I have come to this event for 2nd time. When we came for 1st time, Raje’s govt filed cases against us. In this we got relief from SC,” Gehlot said in a discussion with media.

Gehlot also targeted BJP and RSS, he said that when there is no humanism then what to do with nationalism. “If BJP calls itself a Hinduist, are we not Hindus? Even now there is a lot of untouchability in the villages of the country. There are no less problems for the Dalit class. What is BJP-RSS doing for this? They become the contractors of Hindu religion. We want to ask Modi, Bhagwat to tell what BJP and RSS want to do for nation?

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