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Udaipur Municipal Corporation clamps down against illegal encroachment

Udaipur: The Udaipur Municipal Corporation (UMC) on Tuesday launched crackdown against illegal encroachments by razing down decades-old constructions at the Dehligate intersection. This demolition marks a significant step in the city's 2024 initiative to become encroachment-free.
Paras Singhvi, Deputy Mayor of UMC, said, "There will be no encroachment again."
The corporation is systematically targeting illegal structures across the city, aiming to create a more spacious and organized urban environment.
The Deputy Mayor said that the action will lead to boosting local economy. "The benefits of this campaign...(would) improve traffic flow due to wider roads, reduce congestion, and bring down pollution levels. Additionally, a cleaner and organized cityscape can attract investment and tourism, boosting the local economy," said Paras Singhvi, Deputy Mayor, of Udaipur Municipal Corporation.

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