Sunday, June, 04,2023

Udaipur gets record tourists in Feb

Udaipur: The city of lakes saw a record number of tourists in February. The arrival of domestic and foreign tourists in Udaipur has broken the record of the last 14 years. A total of 1 lakh 40,400 tourists arrived in the month.

Most of the tourists in Udaipur come from Gujarat during the Phagutsav in Shrinathji, Vitthalnathji and Dwarkadhish temples. During this 40-day festival, a large number of Vaishnavs and devotees come from Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, including Gujarat.

The Ahmedabad-Udaipur train, which started about four-anda-half-months ago, has also made travel easier for people and has been a boost for the tourism industry. According to Shikha Saxena, Deputy Director of the Tourism Department, the arrival of tourists will further increase due to the improvement of air and rail connectivity in Udaipur.

Other events lined up are the G-20 Sustainable Financial Group meeting to be from March 21 to 23, in which more than 150 guests from 20 countries will arrive, the Gangaur Puja and Mewar Festival will also be organized by the Tourism Department on March 24, 25 and 26, in which tourists from all over the country and the world will participate.

Overall, the loss suffered by the Udaipur tourism industry due to Covid is now being compensated.

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