Monday, December, 11,2023

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Triangular contest & polarisation to increase voting percentage on some seats

Jaipur: The equations emerging regarding the State Assembly elections are pointing towards bumper voting this time. According to the voting formula, the percentage of votes polled is higher in triangular contests instead of head-to-head contests. At the same time, the special efforts of the Election Commission and the huge increase in the number of youth voting for the first time will also prove to increase the voting percentage. A huge increase in voting percentage is generally considered a sign of change in regime, but this time, there will be many reasons for the increase in voting percentage. While the candidates will make extra efforts to get votes in their favour in triangular contests, the Election Commission is also making efforts to increase the vote percentage. In the 2018 Assembly elections, the highest turnout was seen in those seats where three or more candidates were showing strength. At the same time, polarisation of votes in Pokran seat of Jaisalmer had taken the voting percentage to 87.45%. Whereas in Sumerpur of Pali, the lowest number of 61.28% voters came out to cast their votes, where there was a direct contest. In the last elections, a triangular contest was seen on more than 40 seats.

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