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Supporters call for ‘Direct Action Day,’ but will Sachin Pilot swing?

New Delhi: With the Sachin Pilot faction still trying to find ‘relevance’ in the Congress party, Pilot supporters have given a blunt advice to Pilot and said that enough is enough, there is no need to wait any longer!

It has been learnt that the supporters have told Pilot not to trust the assurances of the High Command anymore and rather, announce his next step in the next 10-15 days by holding a big rally in Jaipur.

In this whole environment, now everyone is eagerly waiting for Pilot’s next step.
Meanwhile, Sachin Pilot’s speech, that he delivered at the Maharaja College in Jaipur on Friday, is one of the hotly discussed topics in the grand old party’s circles.

Congress leader Sachin Pilot raised a slogan at the end of the speech, saying, ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’, and now the ‘relevant circles’ are wondering, if there is really any change in the political ideology of Pilot?

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