Monday, June, 21,2021

State’s second Covid wave shows signs of slowdown

Jaipur: Covid report for the last one week fetches good news and a ray of hope for the Rajasthan state facing the wrath of the second wave.

In the last one week, the state has witnessed a slowdown in the number of active patients of Corona by more than 58,000.

Due to the rising numbers of infection, at one point the number of active patients reached nearly 2.25 lakh, which has now dropped to about 1.5 lakh.

This is because the number of positive patients has come down to half, i.e. from 15,000 to 8,000. Moreover, the number of patients winning the battle of Corona continuously sees a rapid increase.

In the last week, 83,855 new positive cases were recorded as per the government figures, while the ones who defeated Corona stood at a promising 1.38 lakh approx.

However, the death toll from the deadly disease has been an alarming 1061.

According to the doctors, in the coming days, the numbers of corona positive patients will come down further along with a drop in the death rate.

The doctors are considering this downfall of corona figures as the peak.

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