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State govt is neglecting Jhalawar, asserts Raje

Jhalawar: Former CM Vasundhara Raje during her tour of Jhalawar district on Thursday, said that the Gehlot government is neglecting Jhalawar, but it is a matter of 6 months. “Now again the time will come like 2003 to 2008 and 2013 to 2018 and the whole state including Jhalawar will develop like the BJP government of that time. Today there is neither enough electricity nor enough water. People do not even have employment. The paper leak has put youth’s future in darkness and this government is sleeping with its eyes closed,” she said.

She was welcomed at various places. “If my government had got five more years, then the entire state including Jhalawar would have been fully developed, but the people of the state deprived us of the service of Rajasthan by only half percent of the votes. However, Congress did not even get full majority. But by doing manipulations and transactions, they formed the government. The government was formed but it did not care about the public. Law & order, and all the basic facilities disappeared,” Raje said.

“According to the promises of Rahul Gandhi, neither farmers’ loans were waived, nor agro-processing units were set up near their farms, nor did the youth get employment. The entire state fell prey to corruption, atrocities, misconduct, terrorism and communal frenzy,” the former CM said.

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