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Spurious mawa seized under Shuddh Ke Liye Yuddh Abhiyan

Bhilwara: In a drive against supply of synthetic mawa for making sweets on the occasion of Diwali, five quintals of mawa were taken from Asind of Bhilwara by Food Safety Officer Manish Sharma. “Shuddh ke liye yuddh abhiyaan” has resulted in significant action. A crew from the war campaign arrived in Motipur village for purification. In sweet shops, action on fraudulent mawa caused a commotion. Tehsildar Bhanwar Lal Sen and Patwari arrived at the location based on the information.

In a separate action, the department inspected dairy, sweets, grocery and wholesale vendors in Vigyan Nagar, Kunhadi and Rampura of Kota district. Four samples of ghee, 2 each of mawa and biscuits and one sample of paneer have been taken under the FSS Act. These samples have been sent to the laboratory for testing.

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