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Shah roars in Jodhpur, let Oppn unite...‘ayega to Modi’

Jodhpur: Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in Jodhpur on Monday that fight of BJP is with dynasty politics and those who think of their sons, daughters and nephews cannot think of youth of country. Shah said that the BJP is the only party which thinks for youth and works for youth. He said while addressing a meeting of workers from Jodhpur, Pali, Jalore-Sirohi and Jaisalmer-Barmer Lok Sabha constituencies. Comparing the era of 10 years of UPA rule with 10 years of NDA rule Shah said Sonia-Manmohan pushed nation in darkness. “Sonia wants his son to be PM, Gehlot wants his son to be CM, Mamata wants his nephew to be CM, Lalu wants his son to be CM”, Shah said.

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