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RSS plans 50 meets for 100% ward voter turnout

Jaipur: The RSS is leaving no stone unturned in its efforts to achieve a 100 % voter turnout in the upcoming LS polls in Jaipur. The organisation plans to conduct 50 chamber meetings at the ward level between April 1 and 12, with 10 families to be included in each meeting. These families will be motivated to ensure that every eligible member casts their vote.

A meeting of RSS and its affiliated organisations has been convened to discuss this campaign, which was conceptualised during the Nagpur meeting of the All India Representative Assembly of the Sangh. The strategy is focused on escorting as many voters as possible to polling booths. Plans are underway to mobilise volunteers to reach out to eight to 10 voter families each.

The RSS predicts higher turnout benefits BJP; aims for gains in weaker areas, nationwide civic duty fulfillment through 100% voter turnout initiative under Modi’s popularity.

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