Saturday, May, 08,2021

RSHRC Chief writes to PM Modi over oxygen supply

Jodhpur : The Chairman of the Human Rights Commission, Justice GK Vyas has written a letter to PM Narendra Modi and has urged him to grant oxygen, medicines and vaccines to fight the ongoing Corona pandemic in the state.

In his letter, Vyas has stated that the Corona crisis is taking horrible shape in the state, the CM and the officials are taking all the necessary steps and arranging for available resources.

But due to  lack of oxygen and medicines, many people are losing their lives. It’s the responsibility of the Central and State Governments to protect the citizens. Given the population of the state, there is a lack of resources.

The state government is continuously fulfilling its obligation and is asking for medical facilities from the Centre.

Still  a lot needs to be done. In the Directive provisions of Article 21 & Policy of Indian Constitution, the State  & the Centre are obliged to provide health reforms and timely medical care.

  • Chairman of the Human Rights Commission
  • Justice GK Vyas
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