Friday, June, 02,2023

Rajasthan: Period of chilling cold starts again at Mount Abu

Mount Abu: Despite the severe cold conditions predicted by the India Meteorological Department, tourists continue to flock to the only hill station of Rajasthan.
The cold winds have once again increased the feeling of chill in the atmosphere. However, the mountain valleys of the hill station have attracted tourists from all over India.
Due to the extreme cold and cold wave conditions, the daily routine of people seems to be chaotic.
A tourist from Ahmedabad said, "After Monday, on Tuesday, the mercury should have recorded 2 degrees in the thermometer. But due to the cold wave going on, the city has started to feel bone-chilling cold. People are almost shivering. The tourists coming here are enjoying the changing weather of Mount Abu. In the morning, tourists are seen enjoying this cold weather."
Tourists were seen draped in blankets to keep themselves warm. While locals were seen huddled around bonfires to beat the cold.
"If we talk about the daily routine of Mount Abu, people going out for work in the morning can be seen trying to get rid of this severe cold by stopping near bonfires. So, be it the plains or the hilly valleys wrapped in light fog, accompanied by the cold wave, Mount Abu's captivating natural views are especially attracting tourists," a tourist from Maharashtra said. (ANI)

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