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Rajasthan gears up for Assembly Elections 2023: CM Ashok Gehlot advances power bid with approval of 19 new districts

Rajasthan: As the Rajasthan assembly elections scheduled for later this year approaches, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the Congress organization have intensified their efforts to secure a triumphant return to power in the state. In a significant move underscoring their commitment, the Ashok Gehlot cabinet convened a crucial meeting on Friday, during which a pivotal decision was made that could potentially reshape the state's administrative landscape.

Intending to address long-standing demands and strategically position themselves ahead of the electoral battle, the Gehlot cabinet granted its endorsement to the establishment of 19 new districts, a monumental decision that aims to cater to the evolving needs of Rajasthan's diverse populace. The proposal, meticulously prepared by the Revenue Department and backed by a gazette notification delineating the boundaries of the new districts, received its final seal of approval during the meeting.

This trailblazing decision not only marks a significant increase in the total number of districts in Rajasthan, elevating the count to an impressive 50 but also signals the Gehlot government's astute political manoeuvring in the lead-up to the 2023 assembly elections. Recognizing the persistent demand for additional administrative units to accommodate the state's growth and development, the government's timely action has been hailed as a masterstroke that could potentially resonate with voters.

Furthermore, the cabinet's forward-looking approach extended beyond district demarcations, as it also greenlit the creation of three new administrative divisions, a testament to the government's commitment to efficient governance and streamlined administration.

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