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Rajasthan: Couple held for throwing 5 month-old daughter into canal in Bikaner to save govt job

Bikaner: A man and woman were arrested for allegedly throwing their five-month-old baby daughter into a canal on Monday in Rajasthan's Bikaner, in a bid to retain a government job, said the police.
The child died due to drowning. The accused father had been identified as Jhanwarlal. He is engaged on contract as a school assistant in Chandasar village, added the police. In December last year, Jhanwarlal had given an affidavit of having two children. He feared that he might lose his job because of having more than two children, as per the police.
"We received info that a man and woman threw a baby girl in a canal in Chhattargarh, Bikaner. Her body was later recovered by police. Both the accused were arrested; the man and woman were found to be the parents of the deceased baby girl," Circle Officer Vinod Kumar told ANI.
"The accused threw his daughter in the canal allegedly because he wanted to get a permanent job," he added. (ANI)

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