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Rajasthan: BJP's Bhupender Yadav confident of victory from Alwar, says blessings of people with him

Alwar: Exuding confidence in winning the upcoming election, Union Minister and BJP candidate from Alwar Lok Sabha seat Bhupender Yadav on Saturday said that he has the blessings of the people.
"I am confident from the start. The blessings of the people of Alwar are with me. I have come with the guarantee of Alwar's development. The Union Home Minister addressed the water issue that I had raised...The BJP and our PM Narendra Modi support and protect reservations for OBC, SC, and ST," he said.
Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday accused the Congress of being anti-OBC and doing injustice to Backward Classes for years.
Shah also said that, unlike the Congress, PM Modi gave constitutional recognition to the OBC Commission and ensured a 27 per cent reservation for the OBC community in all center admissions. He also pointed out that PM Modi, who comes from the OBC community, has appointed over 27 OBC ministers in his cabinet.
"The Congress party is an "OBC-Virodhi" party (anti-OBC). They have done injustice to Backward Classes (OBC) for many years. The party suppressed the Kaka Kalelkar Report and the Mandal Commission Report. (In contrast), PM, Modi gave constitutional recognition to the OBC Commission. PM, Modi provided a 27% reservation to the OBC community for all admissions in the center. PM Modi comes from the OBC community, and over 27 ministers in his cabinet are OBC," he said while addressing a public rally in Rajasthan's Alwar.
He accused the Congress of opposing the project to connect rivers and assured the people of Rajasthan that the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project (ERCP) would be implemented, providing water to all of Alwar. He also clarified that the Congress is spreading lies that Alwar will not get water from the Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project.
"Congress opposes the connecting of rivers... Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project will come and the whole of Alwar will get water. The Congress is spreading lies that Alwar will not get water from ERCP. I have confirmed with CM Bhajanlal that water will reach every village and every home in Alwar," he said.
The voting date for the Alwar constituency in Rajasthan is April 19. BJP has nominated Bhupender Yadav as their candidate against Lalit Yadav from Congress.
Notably, Rajasthan will go to the polls in two phases, on April 19 and April 26. The BJP had won all 25 seats in the state in 2014. In 2019, the BJP-led alliance won all 25 seats, with the BJP winning 24.

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