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Raj Minister Kanhaiya Lal Choudhary hails Uttarakhand CM Dhami for initiating UCC bill, Bats for Raj to be second to bring the same; Rafeek Khan hits back questioning timing of the move

Jaipur: On the UCC Bill in Uttarakhand Assembly, Rajasthan Minister Kanhaiya Lal Choudhary says, "First of all, I would like to thank Uttarakhand CM Dhami. This was an important matter and the people of India were awaiting this. He initiated this Bill. We are making an effort to ensure that Rajasthan becomes the state after Uttarakhand (to implement the UCC Bill)...CM is in support of this. He has given directions for this, work will be done soon. This will be discussed in the current session and if the time is insufficient, it will be brought in the next session."


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Rafeek Khan said, “Why is the topic of UCC being raised just before elections? They had 10 years, what were they doing then? They brought up the CAA issue when there were elections in Eastern India. All their (BJP’s) planings and policies are politically inspired. They always talk about things keeping elections in mind. During UP elections, they talked about black money and demonetization, nobody talks about black money now. From Ram Mandir’s decision to Kashmir 370, wherever they can get benefit of polarization, BJP works keeping political benifit in mind. Lok sabha elections are there, they just want to divide people, on the basis of caste and community they want to divide India. They are fearing they won’t get victory in upcoming elections. Yesterday PM Modi gave a speech and said that farmers of minority communities are not under subsidy, or any other scheme. He asked where the minority community is not getting benefited, on this I just want to ask why do you not want to give representation to someone from the minority community? They talk about sabka sath sabka vikas then why don’t they give tickets to the Minority community in Assembly elections of any kind? They just want to do politics to win elections only, nothing else.”

On the question of having jail term as sentence in the UCC, Rafeek khan said that, 

I’m saying they won’t implement anything, once the elections are over, they won’t do anything. All these statements are being given in order to influence people for elections.

They have majority seats in most of the places, they cannot win any more.  What do we have? Even if we win five seats here,  it will be a victory for us. The momentum with which Rahul Gandhi's Nyay Yatra is gaining popularity and engaging with public, BJP is afraid to lose their holding and that’s why they are giving such statements.

All they are doing is because of fear of losing these elections, they just want to create an atmosphere of division and benefit from it, Khan added.

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