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Raj and Haryana CMs meet in Delhi, discuss Yamuna water pact & ERCP

New Delhi: On Sunday Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma met with Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Saini at Haryana Bhawan in Delhi. The primary focus of their discussion was the Yamuna water agreement. It was noted that water from the Yamuna, sourced from Tajewala in Haryana, is slated to be supplied to 4 districts in Shekhawati, Rajasthan, following an MoU signed on Feb 17 in Delhi.

The meeting between the two Chief Ministers resulted in positive dialogue regarding the Yamuna water sharing and future steps required for implementation. It is noteworthy that CM Sharma had engaged in constructive discussions with CM of MP recently at Jodhpur House in Delhi concerning the ERCP.

CM Sharma is committed to addressing drinking water management issues in Rajasthan. At Haryana Bhawan, Sharma and Saini held a positive discussion on the Yamuna water issue and future actions. According to sources, officials from both Haryana and Rajasthan deliberated on the next steps. Rajasthan officials presented a progress report via a PPT, highlighting the work completed so far. It was proposed that Haryana also establish a task force, as Raj has done, enabling officials from both states to inspect together and prepare DPR.

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