Thursday, August, 18,2022


Udaipur: In a meeting convened in the Congress’s Chintan Shivir (Nav Sankalp Shivir) going on in Udaipur, on Saturday, all the leaders raised the demand to make Rahul Gandhi the national president again. According to sources, after the demand of the leaders, Sonia Gandhi called a meeting of state Congress presidents, in-charges, leaders of opposition of all the states on Saturday. The issue of handing over the command to Rahul may also arise in the CWC meeting on Sunday.

In the meeting, all the leaders raised their voice that after becoming the President, Rahul should go on a tour of the country and stressed that this Jan Jagran Yatra should be taken out in all the states. Through this visit, Rahul Gandhi should create an atmosphere for the Congress in all the states regarding the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

There was also talk of preparing a roadmap to make the journey organized and effective. It is noteworthy that elections for the post of Congress President are to be held in August. It is believed that Rahul Gandhi will once again become the President of the National Congress and after this, he can start the Jan Jagran Yatra from October.

Before the start of the Nav Sankalp Shivir, there was speculation that there would be a discussion on making Rahul Gandhi the national president in the camp. The Congress high command was dismissing these speculations, but now it has been decided on the second day of the camp that the party is looking at Rahul Gandhi as the national president.

Sources say that this issue was raised in the meeting because the influence of Congress in North India is decreasing since the last several elections. It is believed that Rahul Gandhi’s visit is necessary to infuse energy back into the party leaders and workers. In the last elections, the Congress has suffered a lot not only in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi but also in North India and other regions including West Bengal, Goa.

Notably, although all the leaders gave their views regarding the yatra, however, Sonia Gandhi has not yet given her opinion in this regard.

Congress leaders said that such a travel plan should be made, in which most of the major districts can be touched along with the states.

Rahul Gandhi should get a chance to discuss not only with the leaders of the state but also with the leaders of the district and understand the ‘grassroot’ atmosphere. Party leaders admitted in informal conversation that BJP National President JP Nadda is also touring continuously across the country and is already engaged in creating atmosphere for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and therefore, the Congress high command should also do the same.

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