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Public has faith in welfare schemes of Govt: Dhariwal

Kota: UDH Minister Shanti Dhariwal, while addressing the media during the padyatra being taken out in Kota under Haath se Haath Jodo campaign, said that Rajasthan is the only state in the country where the inflation caused by the wrong policies of the Central government is being fought through Mehangai Rahat Camps.

“The common man has full faith in the schemes of the government, that is why people are thronging the camps. The strong trust of the public in the government is going to form the Congress government again,” said Dhariwal on Friday.

The padyatra reached Ward 42 and PCC member Amit Dhariwal also accompanied Shanti Dhariwal. They appealed to the residents to register in the relief camps and take advantage of the schemes. The padyatra passed through all the streets of Ramdas Nagar, where the people of the area welcomed them.

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