Thursday, July, 18,2024

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Probe on after Chinkara killed & hanged from tree in Jodhpur

Jodhpur: A case of hunting of Chinkara (Indian Gazelle) has come to the fore. The hunters first killed the animal and before having it, chopped it into pieces and hung it upside down from a tree.

There were about 14 people involved in this. The fearless poachers made a video of it and also shared it on social media. The case is said to be of the Kalijal area located in Panne Singh Nagar of Luni in the district. There is anger in the Bishnoi society after the video went viral. They have lodged a complaint and provided the Police Commissioner Ravidutt Gaur and Chief Conservator of Forests SV Murthy with some evidence of the incident.

A group named 009 has been actively involved in these unpleasant activities. The poachers have also formed a group named 009 and are active on social media platforms, throwing an open challenge to the police. A person named Bhavani Singh has shared videos and photos of chinkara hanging from a tree and partying.

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