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Detailing the recent Ram idol consecration in Ayodhya and how Modi has far surpassed the leaders of the land, Dr Jagdeesh Chandra asserts how Advani was right in terming Modi as chosen by God to fulfill the dream of Hindus. Dr Chandra also reveals how Modi has tried to end the NorthSouth divide, how he has carried out the role of a spiritual leader before the ‘Pran Pratishtha’, and how he is at a position where any challenge to him would be puny. Excerpts... (Part I)

  • PM Modi has fulfilled the long-held dream of a glorious Ram Temple erected at the disputed site. What is your take on this?
    Dr Jagdeesh Chandra:
    Narendra Modi has indeed won the hearts of one hundred forty crore Indians. These people, through their lives and for centuries, won’t forget Modi’s resolve. Truth be told, it can be said that in a single day, Modi has become the single global leader of all Hindus across the world. If I see it philosophically, we can say that this is the beginning of a new era for both India and Narendra Modi. This ‘Pran Pratishtha’ is akin to the rising of a new collective consciousness of India. The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ has happened and with it, Modi’s honour as well as the nation’s honour has also increased manifold. This is a magical moment for which we can say that nation can be proud of Narendra Modi. We can say that it was a historic moment that came and fulfilled the hopes, wishes, and dreams of over a billion Indians.
  • How do you see Narendra Modi’s new avatar, especially after the ‘Pran Pratishtha’?
    Before the avatar bit, one mention made by PM Modi is important to note. He said that the temple is not the problem but the solution. It does not create fire (division in people) but creates energy for bringing people together. Several people had said that if the Temple was constructed, the whole nation would burn and all those theories have been proven wrong. As far as PM Modi’s new avatar is concerned, there is not even an iota of doubt that he has left the position of Prime Minister way behind. Today he is in a new avatar of a saint, a hermit, a Vishwa Guru, and a spiritual guru and he has engulfed himself in Rambhakti. What did he say when he returned to Delhi from Ayodhya? He said that he has returned with Ayodhya in his heart! I sometimes feel that after Ayodhya or even during the entire process of Ayodhya, the holy spirits have entered Modi’s consciousness. Look at his spiritual state of mind, he wrote a letter to the President saying that he had gone to Ayodhya as a pilgrim. So his heart is in Ayodhya and Rambhakti, while his physical being is in PMO in Delhi. In the future, you will see him remembering his time spent in Ayodhya and sharing anecdotes related to it. Even in cabinet meetings, Ayodhya will dominate.
  • So does it mean that Ram Rajya has begun in India under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi?
    Ram Rajya means a good beginning, a place where everyone has others’ good in heart and the King looks after the people, there is development for all, the people feel safe and secure, and people may leave their homes and shops unattended owing to trust among people. This is the basic hypothesis of Ram Rajya where evil does not exist since the King has the means to end crime and criminals. So Narendra Modi has initiated the Ram Rajya and it remains to be seen how the people of India follow it. But it can be said with surety that after the construction of Ram Temple, Narendra Modi has begun the revival of Ram Rajya in India.
  • Lal Krishna Advani said that the construction of the Ram Temple was in Narendra Modi’s destiny. What does it mean?
    Though the words are limited, they carry utmost importance. Advani has said that he is extremely happy with the construction of Ram Temple and he has also said that since he could not go for the Pran Pratishtha, so he accepted the truth that destiny chose Narendra Modi for this work. Narendra Modi is extremely lucky and nothing can come across you if luck is on your side. Modi has done something for which the Hindu community cried for centuries. So Modi has become immortal now and thus what Advani said is correct that the almighty destined the construction of the Ram Temple through Narendra Modi and it can be said in another manner that the almighty sent Narendra Modi to India so that this work of Gods can be fulfilled.
  • The manner in which Narendra Modi has donned the spiritual way, will a day come when he will leave this power behind and take the role of a spiritual guru?
    Possibility can’t be ruled out! He certainly has a track record of this sort to the tune that he heads to the mountains leaving everything behind. He left everything and moved to the Himalayas for three years. As such, it is widely known, that his heart resides in Kedarnath, Badrinath, Ujjain Mahakal, and similar places. He is a hermit and he admits that power is just a tool for him to serve the nation. Everything is going alright as of now, but the day Rambhakti dominates him and he immerses himself fully in it, he may take such a decision. He may call Amit Shah one fine morning and tell him that he is going in search of truth and then perhaps you may hear folk tales akin to what we hear for Subhash Chandra Bose. If Modi goes like this, the entire nation will search for him and then there will be stories that someone saw a person who looked like PM Modi. So I will not rule out the possibility. But there is another aspect to it. He has come into the mode of becoming a ‘Chakravarti Samraat’ and who knows if destiny itself has plans for Modi since he always says that he has to implement his vision 2047 for India.
  • Has PM Modi bridged the North-South divide in India in just a moment through his tours of various Temples situated in Southern India before the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ on January 22?
    You are right. It is my firm belief that Narendra Modi has definitely bridged the divide between North and South India. If you observe and analyse what Modi did while visiting the Temples, you will realise that he has worked on national integration. He has brought in a new era of spirituality. I believe that he has brought the two sides closer and this will be evident from the Lok Sabha election result in the coming months.
  • However, some of his critiques have said that what Modi wore and how he behaved during the tour of Temples in Southern India was nothing more than a role play for votes.
    I don’t see this as a role play. Rather it is an effort to make contact with the locals. He wants the people to realise that he is one of them. Look at the visuals from the days he went to the Temples and you will see that he looks like a local and thus the people connect with him. He carried out the rituals as any devout person would. He finds perfection in whatever he does and through these activities, he has found a connect with the people of Southern India. It is not a role play rather he wants to live the role that comes with certain responsibilities.
  • Do you feel that there is no alternative to Modi, be it within the party or out of it?
    Absolutely. There is no alternative to Modi anywhere. Take for example the so-called alternatives in other parties. They are Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Nitish Kumar or anyone else. So there is no alternative to Modi and you can say with commitment and surety that Modi is the soul of India, Modi is the guarantee of India and he is the identity of Bharat. Thus I don’t see any issue of an alternative to Modi, not just in 2024, but for the next foreseeable elections.
  • How did Modi play the spiritualism and nationalism card in the politics of India?
    He lives by spiritualism and nationalism. He knew the nerve point of India so he first brought the nationalism aspect to politics in the last election. And then now he has donned the spiritual aspect and made a mix of spiritualism and nationalism, he took the nation forward. So Modi is now handing back the lost heritage of India to the people of this land which is a good act.
  • Do you feel that the security of all candidates before Modi in Varanasi will be forfeited?
    That is an interesting aspect. With the way things are right now, why should political parties even bother to contest against Modi in Varanasi? You are right in saying that the security may be forfeited if the elections were to be held tomorrow. Secondly, every person in the country wants Modi to contest from their area. Earlier people from Uttar Pradesh came saying that he should contest from their state, so he did. Now people are coming from Tamil Nadu asking for Modi to contest from their state. So the question before Modi would be how to say no to these people. Also, if he contests from any seat in Southern India, he will further break the North-South divide and that sends a message. Also, he takes challenges head on and it would not be a surprise that he decides to contest from South India. There is word that people are trying to request PM to contest from South India.
  • Some people have claimed that Modi has set his election agenda through the Ram Temple.
    See, the election agenda is a small thing. He is someone who sets the agenda of the nation. What he says the nation follows. During Corona, he asked people to clap and beat the plates, and people did that. Then he said that he was a Chowkidaar, and the entire nation started speaking in the same tone. Now he has asked people to light diyas and thus people celebrated Diwali on the day of ‘Pran Pratishtha’. So he has the power and capability to turn the people towards a goal.


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